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Traditional CVs are out of date

Traditional CVs and recruitment are out of date and in need of a revamp, that is exactly why we created 1 Min CV, to make your job finding experience faster and easier for everyone involved 

Find your perfect job out of the over 1 Million we have available, record a quick 60-second video using our helpful prompts and we will send it directly to the employer.

Create new videos for every job you apply for or templates you can use again and again, the power is in your hands! 

communicate the real you

There is only so much you can say on a 2-page cv, videos allow you to express the real you. Show employers why YOU are the perfect candidate, wow them with your technical knowledge, or dazzle them with your smile! 

Coming soon we will be introducing machine learning support to help you record the perfect video customized to the job you are applying for, so keep an eye out.

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A Remote First Platform

There is no denying the changes that have occurred in the workplace and in recruitment over the past few years from more businesses moving to remote first and recruitment becoming even more digital first 

1 MIN CV is built around this concept allowing the best platform for a digital-first economy, speeding up the slow and mundane processes we find today to one that is ready to grow and change with you.

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its better for recruiters too!

If you are a company or recruuiter looking for your next employee, video is the way to go. Use our platform to watch video CV’s and track them through your proccess from viewing to shortlisting and employment. Rate CVs as you go to find the perfect candidate for you

Recieve support from our team to find the best employee for your role and use our platform to its full capacity, speak to a member of our team today to get started

Recruitment for a new age

1 MIN CV is job the platform made for you

We want to work with you to make the best video recruitment platfrom in the world, all decison  we make are in the name of candidates and fining good jobs as fast as possible.

Let us know if there is a feature you would like or if you have a recommendation to give we are all ears and ready to build the platform for you!

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Your time is valuable use it for what really matters and leave recruitment to us 

Coming Soon

1 MIN CV isn’t finished yet, we have only just begun with more coming soon

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